Indigo's CEO Issues Shareholder Letter Defining Company's Direction

Indigo-Energy, Inc. announced that that CEO Steve Durdin has issued a letter to shareholders defining the Company's direction in 2008. Mr. Durdin gave details of recent financing and explained that the Company is considering additional leasehold opportunities for oil and natural gas, in addition to its current locations in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Indigo-Energy recently secured a combined total of $6 million in financing commitments and is pursuing more in an effort to acquire additional assets. The Company will attempt to sell its production to existing petroleum pipelines and processors/refiners through contractual arrangements to ensure the Company's long range profitability. The Company has also undergone changes in the roster of its Board of Directors and has spent considerable time and resources reorganizing the Company and its finances.

"Our intent is to bring in the best talent, technology and resources available to become a leading developer and provider of domestic energy resources. The prospect of rising fuel costs create a better market for us as we continue to grow to meet the rising demand and develop our brand image," stated Steve Durdin, CEO and President of Indigo-Energy, Inc., in his letter to shareholders.