WW Energy to Open Satellite Office

WW Energy Inc. announced the anticipation to formulate and plan to begin a trucking branch operation in the western Colorado area this year. Western Colorado has become a hotbed for drilling and exploration as a result of the 6000 square mile Piceance Basin which is estimated to contain a huge amount of oil and natural gas reserves, rumored to be the largest reservoir in the Rocky Mountain region. Total estimates range from 31 tcf to 100 tcf. As demand for oil and gas increases, the drilling and exploration of oil and gas wells will also increase. This has made WW Energy Inc. show a growth in gross revenue since 1999 of 122%.

To date WW Trucking Inc. maintains a fleet of 18 trucks with various capabilities to address the needs of oil field transportation. This provides a base of continuous revenue while exploring opportunities as operators or working interest partners in producing or future potentially producing oil and gas properties.