CSMG Retains Top Ukraine Oil and Gas Equipment Design Engineer

CSMG Technologies has contracted with a top Ukraine Oil and Gas design engineer, Sergiy V. Sukhostavets, to head the company's equipment design and development of state-of- the-art processes for its energy projects.

Mr. Donald S. Robbins, president and CEO of CSMG, said, "We are pleased Sergiy is joining us for the design and development of our energy related processing equipment. Surgiy is highly qualified with a wide range of experience in all areas of oil and gas processing equipment and will lead CSMG's team on our oil and gas, nitrogen separation, C02 separation and other energy related projects in development, equipment design, manufacturing and installation."

"Mr. Sergiy Sukhostavets' degree is from the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute in compressors, refrigerating plants and mechanical engineering. He worked for SUMY-FRUNZE, an internationally recognized oil and gas equipment manufacturer that employs over 22,000 designers, engineers and manufacturing employees, for 21 years. There he held positions as foreman, leading design engineer, chief of design bureau, chief of technological department and for 18 years was Deputy Chief Turbo Compressor Machines Design Office. In March Sergiy became the chief project leader at the Ukraine Oil and Gas Institute, Kiev, Ukraine. We selected Sergiy for this project due to his experience with energy equipment, management capabilities and his ability to support our aggressive schedule," added Mr. Robbins.

Sergiy Sukhostavets commented, "I am very pleased to be joining CSMG as I have known and worked on projects with Mr. Robbins for more than eight years. I look forward to working on these energy projects and combining my years of experience with new economical concepts and ideas. I have solid relationships throughout the former Soviet Union that can assist in development, design, implementation and evaluation of our projects and concepts."