Wei 6-12E-1A Exploration Well, Offshore China, Lined Up for P&A

Roc Oil (China) Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of ROC, advises that on 11 March 2008, the current operation at the Wei 6-12E-1A exploration well was cutting sidewall cores. Since the last Drilling Report on 4 March 2008, the well has drilled to a Total Depth of 2,510 mBRT and an extensive evaluation programme has been carried out.

Although the well encountered minor residual oil shows it will be plugged and abandoned. The well result does not impact upon the development plans for the nearby Wei 6-12 and Wei 6-12 South Oil Fields.

Based on a variety of operational reasons, the Block 22/12 Joint Venture is currently reviewing its decision to drill the Wei 12-2N-1 well.