MCS and Fugro Launch Optima at IADC Event

Subsea engineering company MCS, in partnership with Fugro, is launching a new range of on-board riser management tools that provide the offshore drilling industry with enhanced safety and substantial costs savings at the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) conference in Rio de Janeiro, and simultaneously at Oceanology International on March 12, 2008.

Optima is a software platform that assists operators and drilling contractors to plan and monitor operations with drilling or completion/workover risers.

Combining MCS' advanced riser analysis techniques and Fugro's offshore monitoring experience, Optima provides an integrated approach to help overcome the challenges of drilling in deepwater, high currents, and other environments which pose significant risks to operations.

Patrick Scully, General Manager of MCS' software division, says: "This launch represents a significant development in the evolution of real-time support tools for the offshore drilling industry. Together with Fugro, we have created a comprehensive package which addresses today's key drilling challenges. Optima is modular, simple to use and easily installed on-board mobile drilling units and production facilities with drilling capabilities."

Commenting further, Fugro's Optima Project Manager Ken Kirkwood says "We are delighted with initial feedback that Optima is indeed a solution which provides considerable opportunities for saving costs and enhancing safety."