Report Broadens Market for FMC's Newest Custody Transfer Meter

FMC Technologies Inc. announced that its Smith MeterR Ultra6T liquid ultrasonic meter has received its OIML R117-1 Test Report which ensures that the measurement instrument used for custody transfer of petroleum products complies with OIML international recommendations for liquids other than water.

The OIML Test Report promotes mutual confidence between sellers and buyers of products ensuring the instrument used in the transaction meets an accepted standard. There are 59 member countries and 57 corresponding member countries which participate with the OIML. The Ultra6 previously received its certification by GOST and is sold in Russian markets that recognize GOST as its measuring instrument standard.

In November of 2007, FMC Technologies announced the expanded capabilities of its Ultra6 6-path liquid ultrasonic meter for crude oil applications, in addition to its application for refined product transportation. FMC is well known for its "best in class" Smith MeterT brand measurement meters and electronics, specifically its positive displacement and turbine meters, as well as its AccuLoadT and microLoadT electronic controllers which are used globally in the energy industry.

When FMC announced the expanded capabilities of its Ultra6 ultrasonic meter for crude oil applications, it further broadened its portfolio of metering products. The Ultra6 is designed to produce superior performance and rival other ultrasonic meters.

"This OIML certification assures our customers that our Ultra6T ultrasonic meter meets accepted global standards and opens new markets for us so that customers worldwide can be offered our full portfolio of measurement products," said Howard Girbach, president of FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions group.