Schlumberger Awarded $60-Million PEMEX Contract

Schlumberger Limited has won a $60-million, two-year contract from PEMEX Exploration and Production to provide information management solutions to all of its upstream asset units. PEMEX E&P is a division of PEMEX, the Mexican state-owned petroleum company.

The solution will comprise lifecycle information management services from Schlumberger Information Solutions and SchlumbergerSema change management expertise. This will enable PEMEX to significantly enhance data access, administration and analysis--leading to faster and improved decision making.

"Information management is a key component of the PEMEX technical computing strategy. The contract leverages proven information management solutions, expert services and consulting processes of Schlumberger. Exploration and production (E&P) professionals have access to relevant data--petrotechnical, financial, production operations, and portfolio optimization--that enables them to make better business decisions and develop new opportunities more rapidly," said Jose Luis Figueroa, manager, PEMEX E&P Information Management Project.

Electronic and nonelectronic data from different sources will be integrated and consolidated into one virtual repository, which involves capturing, digitizing and scanning/indexing E&P information and associated physical assets, such as cores, fluid samples, sieves and thin sections. This will be accomplished using a common data model that follows well-defined standards using international best practices and a common set of procedures countrywide.

Schlumberger will provide information management services in a secure, high-performance environment with operations support, monitoring and change management consulting for its industry-leading InfoStream(a) family of personalized information lifecycle solutions supporting post stack seismic, well log, wellbore, production, and sample/interpreted subsurface model information. All services will be supported by the change management competencies and five-step business transformation methodology of SchlumbergerSema.

"PEMEX has embarked on a business transformation that will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the E&P industry in Mexico, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to support these efforts," said Jose Magela Bernardes, general manager, Mexico, Schlumberger. "The combination of consulting and systems integration expertise will enable PEMEX E&P to maximize the value of its data assets, to provide efficient administration and rapid delivery of data to PEMEX geoscientists and engineers, helping to achieve business goals.

"The success of this type of project is highly dependent on the team's ability to address all change management aspects from technical to people issues to enhance efficiency and enable more accurate decisions in a timely manner, while maintaining the integrity and value of data--the most important asset in the E&P business," he concluded.