Seabulk Offshore Takes Delivery of PSV Seabulk Nilar

Seabulk International announced the inauguration and delivery of the Seabulk Nilar, a newbuild 3,900-horsepower platform supply vessel (PSV) built by Labroy Shipbuilding & Engineering PTE, Ltd. of Indonesia. The vessel, which will be operated by the Company's Seabulk Offshore subsidiary under a bareboat charter arrangement, is owned by the Labroy Group. It will work in Southeast Asia, where the Company currently has a fleet of 10 vessels, and is chartered to TotalFinaElf under a three-year arrangement with two option years.

"Today's announcement is further evidence of our commitment to renew our international offshore fleet and provide our customers with the finest and most modern equipment available," commented Hubert E. Thyssen, corporate vice president and senior vice president of marketing for Seabulk Offshore. "Earlier this month we celebrated the naming of the Seabulk Africa, the new flagship of our West African fleet. Today we welcome the Seabulk Nilar, a powerful and highly maneuverable vessel with sophisticated firefighting and anti-pollution equipment, to our Southeast Asia fleet. The Seabulk Nilar is the result of a unique, three-party arrangement among Seabulk Offshore, the Labroy Group and TotalFinaElf. Next month she will be joined by the Seabulk Badamyar, a newbuild anchor-handling tug/supply vessel, under an identical arrangement with Labroy and Total. In this way we are showing our commitment to the international offshore markets and, at the same time, consolidating our position for the future," he concluded.