Baker's Well System Installation Offshore Equatorial Guinea Ups Production

Baker Oil Tools has completed the 100th worldwide installation of its intelligent well system (IWS) at the Okume Complex, offshore Equatorial Guinea. The technology provides permanent monitoring of downhole flow, pressure and temperature, enabling the operator to optimize production and reduce costly interventions.

"We are very proud of this outstanding track record, made possible through strategic project management and the application of proven technology," said Craig Coull, IWS manager for Baker Oil Tools. "Our intelligent well systems have been installed throughout the world, including the Middle East, Latin America, Gulf of Mexico and Africa."

In Equatorial Guinea, a highly deviated well at 500-ft water depth required a stacked completion with independent control of commingled production from two oil zones. The 70-degree deviation of the well made mechanical shifting of downhole valves expensive and risky. To address these issues, Baker Oil Tools installed its InForc intelligent completion system.

Key system components include remotely operated, multi-position choking valves for selective control of the two oil-producing zones and a fully automated surface control system. ProductionQuest, a Baker Hughes business unit, provided a triple-gauge package to monitor both zones and their commingled flow, displaying the data in real time and providing back-up data storage.