Triangle Petroleum: Gas Bubbling Out of Kennetcook 2 in Nova Scotia

Triangle Petroleum

Triangle Petroleum Corporation updated its Kennetcook #1 ("KC #1") and Kennetcook #2 ("KC #2") test wells in the 516,000 gross acre Windsor Basin shale gas project of Nova Scotia, Canada.

During January, natural gas (predominantly methane) began bubbling out of the recovered completion frac water in KC #2. In the latter half of February, a free gas column began to build in the well's casing while water continued to be pumped up the tubing. Wellhead pressure increased to over 500 psi while fluid levels in the casing continued to drop. On March 4, 2008, crews opened the well to flow through a separator, and small quantities of gas were flared.

As of March 6 approximately 71% of the 1.3 million gallons of water that had been pumped into the reservoir during the completion process has been recovered. Additional frac water still needs to be recovered in order to increase flowable gas from the KC #2 well.

A smaller amount of frac water has been recovered from the KC #1 well to date. Of the 1.5 million gallons of water pumped into the well during the completion process, approximately 66% has been recovered. KC #1 is showing the same dissolved gas production characteristics as did KC #2 prior to the onset of free gas production.

As noted in previous press releases, both KC #1 and KC #2 are vertical test wells designed to provide the Company with technical information to assess the Horton Bluff shale potential in the Windsor Basin.

Howard Anderson, Vice-President Engineering & COO of Triangle, commented "We are very encouraged by the presence of free gas flowing from the Horton Bluff shale reservoir. We have established the technical basis for proceeding with our 2008 plan to drill six to eight more wells to both extend the play and prove the viability of horizontal producing wells. We are now reviewing our Windsor Basin strategy, confidentially, with a select group of potential partner companies who can bring shale gas knowledge and/or financial capability to the play. We intend to secure one or more partners before our summer drilling program commences."