Nigeria to Fine Shell $1.5 Billion

A Nigerian judicial committee led by former chief justice, Muhammed Bello, has recommended that Shell pay $1.5 billion in compensation the Ijaw people of Bayelsa state. Two years ago the tribe filed a suit demanding reparations from for the harmful impact the company has had on the environment because of its oil exploration and production activities for the past 60 years.

The judicial committee said the compensation should be paid in installments over the next 10 years with a down payment of $500 million due immediately. Other recommendations by the committee include clean up of oil spills and the construction of civic amenities in areas where the company operates.

A Shell spokesman said: "We have not had any official notification from the Committee of the House of Representatives. Shell has a good relationship with the Nigerian people and this news has left us scratching our heads. It is nothing we knew about previously."