CGGVeritas Reaches Milestone with ONGC Seismic Contract

CGGVeritas has begun to record a shallow water 3D seismic acquisition and processing program awarded by ONGC, the Indian national oil company, in the Krishna-Godavari Basin off the east coast of India. This is the 100th shallow water survey conducted by CGGVeritas worldwide, and it will cover a total surface area of approximately 310 square kilometers.

The company is drawing on its proven expertise in both shallow water and seabed seismic to record for the first time seamless multicomponent data while deploying mixed configurations of light and heavy spreads in a wide range of water depths extending from transition zone to depths of up to 160 m.

The 200 person strong crew will deploy a fleet of over 30 vessels specifically designed for the different environments faced (coastal and deep water operations). It will operate round the clock with two different types of cables well adapted to the various environments and water depths. The survey is expected to last two to three months and the data will be processed in CGGVeritas' Mumbai center.

"This survey gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to offer a range of acquisition services in a variety of water depths with a combination of configurations," Lionel Lhommet, executive VP, Land Acquisition, commented.

"In Saudi Arabia, our joint venture, ARGAS, is also due to start a year-long land/transition/shallow-water survey calling for a combined deployment of vibroseis, dynamite and airgun sources in a Saudi Aramco area," he added.