Expro Wins OTC Spotlight Award for Innovative Technology

International oilfield service company Expro has won a coveted Offshore Technology Conference 2008 'Spotlight on New Technology' award for its ViewMax sideview downhole camera.

The award recipients are recognized for producing innovative technologies that significantly impact offshore exploration and production. The award will be presented on May 5 at the annual Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

ViewMax is Expro's latest development in downhole video technology. It provides a high resolution image of the inside of the pipe or open hole when run in a transparent fluid such as water or gas, or when fluids are displaced with nitrogen. The video images, stationary and movies, are easy to use and interpret when fishing, diagnosing well integrity and production behavior.

The versatile camera allows the operator to switch between Expro's traditional down view to its new side camera with the flick of a switch. The entire camera can then rotate 360 degrees on its motor section to provide a full investigation.

ViewMax incorporates a second camera in Expro's downhole video patented backlight camera lighthead. The second camera is pointed sideways and rotates, allowing unobstructed and undistorted views of the wall of the pipe or openhole formation.

The ground-breaking technology, already used on over 200 jobs to date, is uniquely engineered and capable of providing both down view and 360 degree side views at pressures up to 10,000 psi and temperatures up to 257F (125C) in a small 2-1/8-in. package.

The ViewMax tool brings significant benefits and enhances the delivery of Expro's well flow management concept.

The award comes only weeks after Expro was named 'Subsea Company of the Year' at the Subsea UK awards ceremony in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Graeme Coutts, Expro's Chief Executive Officer, said: "This award is well deserved and shows we are committed to delivering excellence in service, performance and innovation. ViewMax has been an industry revelation and its success is a testament to the technical skills of our people."

Phil Schultz, Expro's Director of Well Integrity Services, said: "Receiving this award cements our position as an industry leader in producing innovative technology. ViewMax has proved a great success and has allowed our clients to reap the significant benefits associated with the technology."

Expro recently commenced a three-year program of Excellence in Operations, focusing on safety, service quality and customer care, with the clear aim of being recognized as the industry leaders in delivering operational excellence to its customers.