TGS to Undertake New 3D Survey in Newly Leased GOM Property

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) announces its recently commenced multi-client 3D survey in the Gulf of Mexico. The survey, known as "Orion 3D", is predominantly located within the "181 South" area, an area that has been off-limits to exploration until the most recent 5-year leasing plan announced by the MMS. The March 2009 OCS lease sale will be the first opportunity for oil companies to lease tracts in the area in more than twenty years. Orion 3D will cover approximately 175 OCS blocks (4100 square kilometers) in the Lloyd Ridge OCS area. The exploration potential for this area includes seismic attribute plays as well as deeper structural opportunities.

The Orion 3D program area is located in close proximity to the Independence Hub production facility operated by several independent oil companies. This large facility produces gas from a number of discoveries that have been made in the area including Spiderman, San Jacinto, Atlas Northwest, Atlas, Mondo Northwest and Cheyenne.

TGS is acquiring the Orion 3D survey utilizing the Fugro GeoBarents seismic vessel. The data is being recorded with 9000 meter streamer offsets and will be processed with both pre-stack time and pre-stack depth imaging by TGS' own Imaging Services division. In addition to the full offset migrations, partial offset stacks will be generated for evaluating Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVO).

The Orion 3D survey is supported by industry funding.