Powder River to Complete Waller County, TX Well End of Feb.

Powder River Petroleum International Inc., a revenue generating producer, acquirer and marketer of crude oil and natural gas properties, announced it is currently drilling on the Brookshire Salt Dome project in Waller County, Texas. Drilling on the #2 well is expected to be completed by the end of February, with test results available in mid-March.

The Company is preparing a drilling location on the #3 well and drilling will commence as soon as drilling on the #2 well is completed.

The #4 is being re-completed with test results expected in the next week.

An application is currently being processed to convert the #6 to an injection well to handle the disposal of additional water as new wells are brought into production, and increased disposal capacity is required.

Development is also currently underway on the Weesatche project to re-work three wells which are expected to be in production in early March. Production over the past ten days has averaged between 1600 and 1800 mcf gas per day on Weesatche.

"As the staff of Texoma Oilfield Services becomes more familiar with the operations of Powder River, we feel confident we will be able to meet our projected schedule for 2008. I am excited to see our projects meet their full potential in the coming year," stated Powder River Petroleum International Inc. CEO Brian Fox.

Powder River Petroleum International Inc. is active in production, acquisition, and marketing of crude oil and natural gas properties.