AGR Group Signs 2 Co-Op Agreements, Strengthens Subsea Offerings

AGR Group's Petroleum Services division has enhanced its subsea Tie-back engineering capacity by signing co-operation agreements with Norwegian front-end engineering company Havtroll and risk management business Scandpower.

The two agreements compliment AGR Group by enabling a full service offering in subsea infrastructure design and robustness analysis.

Havtroll employs 20 subsea and pipeline specialists with significant experience in early phase field development and management of Turn-key projects. The exclusive co-operation agreement with Havtroll adds significant depth to AGR's ability to structure and project manage tie-back projects – with a team of personnel who have world wide experience assisting operators facing challenges of high pressures and temperatures, long step-outs, deep waters, harsh weather conditions and subsea processing.

Risk management business Scandpower employs 200 engineers worldwide. The co-operation agreement provides additional analytical strength to AGR by enabling risk quantification of subsea production systems and reliability evaluation of tie-back solutions. Calculations of system availability, based on reliability assessments of the smallest components throughout all the contributing sub-systems, enable the client to quantify both revenue and expenditures in a life of a field economic model.

The combination of AGR, Havtroll and Scandpower offers to the market a Subsea capability of more than 45 Subsea specialists, 50 project management and service staff in Subsea Turn-key projects, 35 construction and site service engineers and 120 operational support staff. The three companies have assisted leading energy companies on most of the Subsea field developments on the Norwegian continental shelf. The deep water experience is supplemented by holding key management positions in Subsea projects in offshore Angola, down to 1500 m water depths.

In offering full Tie-back solutions, AGR's Petroleum Services has added further depth to its oil company supply chain services, building on its skills in reservoir engineering, seismic interpretation and drilling management.