DTI Initiates Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gases

The UK Department of Trade and Industry has set out plans aimed at cutting carbon emissions by 60 percent over the coming decades. The goal, set out in the White Paper on energy policy, is to achieve the reduction by 2050. The Government wants to cut emissions by focusing on green energy sources and more efficient use of energy.

Patricia Hewitt, the Trade and Industry Secretary, pledged another £60 million over four years to support renewable energy. In addition, the government's goal of producing 10 percent of the country's power from green sources by 2010 was reaffirmed. Currently, only three percent comes from renewable sources.

Nuclear power, which does not produce carbon emissions, has not been ruled out. The paper said: "Its current economics make new nuclear build an unattractive option and there are important issues of nuclear waste to be resolved. "We do not, therefore, propose to support new nuclear build now. But we keep the option open."