ZPL Advances with West Africa Farm-In Agreements

ZPL Energy Inc is moving forward with investments thru its subsidiary companies ZPL Energy International and Acme Energy Ltd. The company is reviewing current opportunities thru farm-in agreements to produce oil and gas from marginal fields in West Africa regions. The operations will involve work-over of existing well bores, seismic evaluation, development drilling and installation of production pipelines and facility.

Mr. Ethridge Kyle, President of ZPL Energy International will direct the efforts from his offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos and London. We have the opportunity to develop additional energy resources in an area with proven reserves while working with highly trained and energetic professionals like our indigenous partners.

The new agreements provide for support and development of infrastructures in the host community were the assets are located and insures a long-term relationship with our counterparts throughout the life of the fields. The overall importance of these projects reflects the acceptance of a viable operation were Government, companies and individuals work together in a peaceful, harmonious relationship that will benefit generations to come.