Oil Out, Water In: New Technology Brings Fresh Water to Offshore Rigs

Air Water International Corporation's subsidiary Air Water Corporation CEO Michael Zwebner announced that the company has developed a new range of air to water machines specifically earmarked for the petroleum industry with special application to offshore oil rigs.

In a statement issued Feb. 22, Mr. Zwebner said, "We have identified the need for large amounts of drinking water for the petroleum industry which is currently obtained and supplied using old established methods. Our latest air to water, high tech, state of the art systems can dramatically change these old methods and provide a far superior solution at much reduced cost for all oil companies worldwide. In addition, in a unique and novel experiment, our modified AW-120 machine has been placed adjoining an oil well for 'clean' water re-insertion into a sub-terrain well. This new process is currently being tested in oil fields in Dubai and has run successfully for several months. Once the testing period is complete, the company expects large contracts for all sizes of Air Water Machines for this new novel application."

The company plans to make the information available to all oil companies worldwide.