Chesapeake Snags Top U.S. Onshore Leasehold, Seismic Acquisitions

Since 2000, Chesapeake Energy has invested $9.4 billion in new leasehold and 3-D seismic acquisitions and now owns the largest combined inventories of onshore leasehold (13.2 million net acres) and 3-D seismic (19.2 million acres) in the U.S. On this leasehold, Chesapeake has an estimated 3.9 tcfe of proved undeveloped reserves and approximately 33 tcfe of risked unproved reserves (100 tcfe of unrisked unproved reserves). The company is currently using 145 operated drilling rigs to further develop its inventory of approximately 36,300 net drillsites, representing more than a 10-year inventory of drilling projects.

Chesapeake characterizes its drilling inventory by one of four play types: conventional gas resource, unconventional gas resource, emerging unconventional gas resource or Appalachian Basin gas resource. In these plays, Chesapeake uses a probability-weighted statistical approach to estimate the potential number of drillsites and unproved reserves associated with such drillsites. The following table summarizes Chesapeake's ownership and activity in each gas resource play type and highlights notable projects in each play.