Petrotranz Intros Software-as-a-Service Crude Oil Transportation System

Petrotranz Inc., announced the introduction of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Crude Oil Transportation System for the Energy Industry. Petrotranz Inc.'s Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS) is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based communication and collaboration platform that streamlines the manual processes and documentation required in the transportation of crude oil from wellhead to market.

"The introduction of this release underscores our commitment to provide a communication & collaboration platform that improves the efficiencies between all stakeholders of the energy industry", said Brent Stankowski, CEO, Petrotranz Inc. "Our system provides Producers, Facility Operators (pipelines, truck terminals, cleaning plants) and Marketers the ability to forecast shipping volumes, capture production information, and reconcile delivered quantities to complete and submit delivery forecasts online each month."

"The time is right for the introduction of a Crude Oil Transportation System", says Kevin Dumba, CFO, Acero Energy. "Everyone in the energy industry is under considerable pressure to increase efficiencies within the crude oil transportation network. Petrotranz is an excellent example of a system that not only automates manual processes; it also reduces the risks associated with inaccurate data."

"The industry previously attempted to automate the transfer process of Crude Oil with each attempt failing because of political, technical and/or market issues", says Ron Gagnon, Vice President and Industry Advisory Board Chairman, Petrotranz Inc. "The technological capabilities available today not only provide us the ability to automate the transfer process, it also provides us the ability to do it on-line in a secure, web-based interface."