Pyramid Opens Operational Head Office in Houston

Pyramid Petroleum Inc. announced new headquarters has been opened in Houston, Texas, and that subsequently a complete spectrum of professional experts has been retained with extensive knowledge and experience with offshore operations, both domestic and international. A small corporate reporting office will be maintained in Calgary.

Pyramid's CEO, Ilyas Chaudhary stated, "Pyramid has stayed on its chosen course and waited patiently for the right opportunity to bolster operational expertise. Expanding the base in Houston has permitted the addition of an experienced operations team to execute Pyramid's value optimization plan for the Gulf of Mexico assets."

Mr. Chaudhary, CEO, added "The Company now has the tools in place to move ahead in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to developing wells in the Gulf, Pyramid is continuing to review international prospects and is prepared to secure such prospects if, as and when, the opportunity is right. The talents of this management team know each other's strengths from working together before. As Pyramid, we will create forward momentum to pursue tangible goals to achieve asset development, growth and expansion for shareholders."