Brinx Starts Drilling on the Three Sands Project

Brinx Resources Ltd. reported that the Company has started drilling the KC 80 #1-11 well at the Three Sands Project in Noble County, Oklahoma. The primary target for the well is the upper Mississippian Limestone and Chat Formation. These formations have produced a significant amount of oil and gas from a number of recently drilled oil and gas wells located near the KC 80 drill site.

The Three Sands Project is located in the Three Sands Field that was localized by a balded structure where a combination of structure and erosion produced the prolific field. Pay zones in the project range from the Arbuckle to the Pennsylvanian and they have been produced over a 4000-foot interval that starts at less than one thousand feet from the surface. In addition to the Mississippian Limestone and Chat Formation, additional potentially productive zones in the Red Fork and Layton Sand may exist. Both of these zones lie above the targeted intervals.

A recent 3-D seismic survey on the Three Sands Project was used to determine this drill location as well as a number of other drill locations, all with multiple potential pay zones. It is anticipated to take approximately two weeks to drill the KC 80 well and depending upon the availability of a completion rig an additional several weeks before it is completed.