Pyramid Petroleum Engages CHF Investor Relations

Pyramid Petroleum Inc. has signed an agreement, effective February 15, 2008, with CHF Investor Relations ("CHF"), for investor relations and market-making services.

CHF's niche role is acting as a public company's outsourced, low-cost equivalent to an internal investor relations department. With Canadian offices in Toronto and Calgary, and international offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and Shanghai, China, CHF serves an international portfolio of TSX/Venture-listed, and companies seeking to list on the TSX, that operate in a broad range of industries, including oil & gas, mining exploration and producers, telecommunications, high-tech, niche financial products, business and industrial solutions.

CHF will provide investor relations and market-making services for a term of twelve months at a rate of $7,500 per month. In addition, the Company has agreed to grant CHF incentive stock options to purchase Pyramid shares in the amount of 100,000 at $0.70 and 100,000 at $1.00 valid for a term of five years. The stock option grant is subject to approval from TSX Venture. CHF's role includes development of Pyramid's communications materials as well as assistance in public disclosure requirements to ensure Pyramid communicates effectively with investors. CHF will also answer investor questions, set up investor meetings and proactively share the Pyramid story with professional investors. CHF does not currently have any interest, directly or indirectly in Pyramid.