Cal Dive Director Resigns

Cal Dive International, Inc. reported that David Sharp, a member of its board of directors, has resigned as a director in connection with his acceptance of the position of Chief Executive Officer of Odyssea Marine, Inc. Mr. Sharp was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Offshore, Inc. and joined the Company's Board in December 2007 when Cal Dive completed the acquisition of Horizon.

Odyssea Marine is a supplier of tug and supply boat services to the Company, and Mr. Sharp and the Company both agreed that, given that commercial relationship, it was in both his and the Company's best interests that he discontinue his service as a Cal Dive director at this time. With his resignation, the Company has seven directors, four of whom are independent as required by the rules of the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Quinn Hebert, Cal Dive's President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We regret losing a director of David's caliber from our Board, and appreciate his contributions during the time he was with us. We look forward to continuing to do business with Odyssea Marine under David's leadership."