ProspEx Hits Gas Pay Intervals at Devonian Wabamun Zone

ProspEx Resources Ltd. is providing an operational update with respect to certain projects within its winter 2008 drilling program.

At Edson, the 8-13-54-19W5 well was drilled out of intermediate casing last week and deepened approximately 204 meters into the target Devonian Wabamun zone. The open-hole section was wireline logged and a liner has now been run to total depth. The working interest partners in this well are sufficiently encouraged to proceed with completion of the gas pay intervals indicated by mud gas shows and the wireline logs. Completion operations are to commence this week. The partners in the well are Duvernay Oil Corp. (65%) and ProspEx Resources Ltd. (35%).

At Salter, a horizontal well has been drilled and completed in the Mississippian Rundle Group in a foothills structure. An extended flow test is currently underway, with initial flow rates of approximately 4.8 million cubic feet per day at a flowing tubing pressure of 1,410 pounds per square inch after more than four days of flow from this well. ProspEx has a 40% working interest in the production from this well.