Horizon Puts Funk in the Frio, Resumes Production in Texas

Horizon Industries Ltd. reported that a work-over procedure has been completed on the next prospective up hole zone in the Funk #2 well in Goliad County, Texas and the well has been placed on line to sales.

The Company completed review and evaluation of logs and well records and elected to proceed to the next prospective pay zone extending from a depth of 3,122 feet to 3,131 feet in the Frio formation. Rig up occurred on Wednesday, February 13 and the well was perforated at mid-day on Thursday, February 14, 2008 from 3,122 feet to 3,124 feet. The well began to unload fluids on an 8/64ths choke. The well was further cleaned up on a 6/64ths choke recovering all but 2 barrels of load water while flowing gas at approximately 183 MCF per day with flowing tubing pressure of 1,150 psi. The work over rig was released and the well was put on line to sales that afternoon.

Review of a proposed procedure to perforate the next up hole zone of interest in the Funk #1 Well has also been completed. A work-over rig is available and is being scheduled to move onto the location within approximately two to three weeks.

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