New President for Woodside Energy

Woodside is pleased to announce that Jeff Soine has been appointed President of Woodside Energy (USA) Inc.

Mr. Soine joined Woodside in 2005 as Acquisitions Manager with responsibility for all sale evaluations and negotiations.

In early 2007, Mr. Soine was promoted to Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions with Woodside's Australian parent company Woodside Energy Ltd., with responsibility for worldwide M&A activity. He moved to the position of Chief Operating Officer for Woodside Energy (USA) in December last year.

Prior to joining Woodside, Mr. Soine worked with W&T Offshore, Shell Offshore and Exxon. Mr. Soine has a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Bachelor's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science.

Mr. Soine is succeeded as Chief Operating Officer by Danny Ledet.

Mr. Ledet joined Woodside in 2005 as Drilling Manager and was last year promoted to the role of Vice President of Drilling Operations.

Prior to joining Woodside, Mr. Ledet worked with Chevron's deepwater Gulf of Mexico organization and in various locations around the world including Nigeria, Zaire and Kazakhstan and with Newfield Exploration. Mr. Ledet has a Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum Engineering.