IHC Gusto Delivers Unique AHC System

IHC Gusto Engineering BV, member of the IHC Caland Group, announces the successfully delivery of a 350-ton Active Heave Compensation system (AHC).

This system, type AHC 175/40/6200, will be used by SBM from Monaco on the Multifunctional Offshore Vessel "Normand Progress". The modular system has been specially designed and built for deployment on board of offshore installation vessels for a wide range of applications.

This project was made a success in a joint effort with Rexroth Hydraudyne BV, the Drive and Control company from Boxtel and member of the Rexroth Bosch Group.

As on most projects nowadays, the delivery schedule was very tight in order to meet SBM's project schedule. The system has been delivered within 7 months after order award. The scope of work included FEED study, design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and dynamic testing in-house.

Utilizing the unique and innovative AHC system will minimize downtime during sub-sea installation work and enhance the vessel's capabilities to carry out such work in deeper water and harsh working conditions with increased loads. The system minimizes the dynamic amplification while lowering heavy loads, such as suction anchors, and improves control during set-down on the seabed.

Installation of the Active Heave Compensator on board the "Normand Progress" and commissioning of the system will be carried out under supervision of Gusto and Rexroth Hydraudyne system engineers in Equatorial Guinea during spring 2003.

This contract is another addition to the long and versatile reference list of IHC Gusto Engineering, being active in the design, manufacturing and delivery of custom designed complex offshore equipment. It proves once again the added value of the cooperation between IHC Gusto Engineering and the Drive and Control Company Rexroth Hydraudyne.