West Hawk to Increase Output and Begin Completion Process in CO

West Hawk Development Corp. has finalized completion plans for bringing Well 4 into production. The Company is also pleased to report that Well 3 has been producing the past week at production rates predicted in the Schlumberger pre-frac executive summary.

The Company has been operating in tough winter conditions at the Figure Four site in Colorado. "All of the gas producers in the North Piceance Basin will tell you that the weather has been even worse than last year's winter, which was considered bad as compared to the previous 3 years that were mild. The snow fall, below-freezing temperatures, white-out conditions, and inaccessibility in North West Colorado is as bad as it has been for several decades," said Richard F. Braun, Independent Director at West Hawk. "I am extremely proud of the Management Team over the last 30 days as one or two of the Company's executives have been on the job site everyday, including weekends, and it is paying off. They now have 3 wells producing, albeit with some freezing, and they are headed into bringing Well 4 into production over the next 60 days. They are going to be working on the job everyday until it is in production", said Braun.

Also during this time, the Company plans to install a compressor unit on all 4 wells in order to reduce the back pressure in the gathering system. "This activity will have the effect of increasing the output of all 4 wells, yielding higher production and ultimately revenue", stated Roger A. Baer, CFO.

"The Figure Four gas project is important to West Hawk because if we can increase output, the cash flow will help develop and drive our coal gasification plans forward, which we expect will provide added value for our shareholders and stakeholders", stated Dr. Wm. Mark Hart, President and CEO.