Odyssey Reports Successful Well at Pelahatchie Field

Odyssey Petroleum Corp. reported that the Max and Martha Gill well #1 in Pelahatchie Field, Rankin County, Mississippi is being completed for production. Having reached contracted total depth of 11,500 ft., the Company ran evaluation logs, took sidewall cores, and immediately made the decision to run production casing in the well. Over the weekend, 5 1/2th inch casing was run to total depth and cemented in. The well was drilled in a record 16 days of drilling time.

According to Company geologist and engineers, evaluation logs and sidewall core samples run by Schlumberger and analyzed by OMNI Laboratories of New Orleans, LA indicated at least ten probable productive oil zones from 10,000 ft. subsurface to 11,500 ft., with many of the zones comparable to known productive field wide pay zones. Above 10,000 ft. there were many zones containing positive hydrocarbon shows that are still being analyzed for their commercial production characteristics. Several of the lower zones that analyzed oil productive could be new pay zones for the field.

The drilling rig has been allowed to stay on location in order to perform scheduled maintenance work for a short time, and also to assist in pumping away the drilling fluids used during operations so that the drilling site may be restored. Meanwhile, production facilities such as flow lines, holding tanks, and a separator are being readied for use.