Deep Down Receives $1.5 Million in Steel Flying Lead Orders

Deep Down, Inc. has received orders for $1.5 million worth of loose-tube steel flying leads (LSFLs).

Deep Down is adding new design features to its LSFLs to enable quicker deployment and installation in high current, deep-water environments with the aid of its horizontal drive units (HDUs) and rapid deployment cartridges (RDCs). The company expects to complete the design, manufacture, and delivery of these LSFLs to both of its clients, Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. and VetcoGray, Inc., within the next 90 days.

Deep Down has improved its manufacturing procedures to allow for mass production of steel flying leads (SFLs) and associated components for large scale projects. Deep Down was instrumentally involved in the visionary development of the SFL concept, as well as its deployment procedures approximately ten years ago. The original design continues to evolve as the industry initiates exploration and production projects in deeper water.

"Our goal is to be the number one choice for the supply, and offshore support, of all types of SFLs, based on quality of product, quicker delivery times, and efficiency of product installation," Ron Smith, Deep Down's CEO commented. "We can manufacture SFLs up to 10,000 feet in length with any J-plate desired, with or without electrical cables included. Another important goal is to continue to simplify procedures so that subsea connections are easier to complete, whether by fully experienced remote operated vehicle (ROV) crews, or ROV crews new to our product line."