Cladtek Awarded B11 Redevelopment Project from Shell Sarawak

Cladtek International has secured an order from Petronas Mitco on behalf of Shell Sarawak Berhad for the re-development of the B11 central production platform in the South China Sea off Sarawak Malaysia.

With a capacity to process up to 600MMscf/d of feedstock gas for the Bintulu LNG facility in Sarawak, Malaysia , the B11 gas offshore production platform is designed to accommodate gas with up to 2000pmm of H2S and 20% of CO2. The B11 platform is currently being upgraded to accept gas from other pipelines and wells and to allow for future compression additions.

Cladtek were awarded the multi-million dollar order under a frame agreement with Mitco who procured the package of piping components on behalf of operator SSB. The carbon steel components will be CRA clad with the weld-overlay process at Cladtek International's Batam facility.

Ranhill Worley of Kuala Lumpur performed the detailed engineering for the project.

This is the second order destined for Royal Dutch Shell projects recently. Cladtek are currently executing an order for mechanically expanded CRA lined pipe for Shell PDO Oman in an onshore 47km pipeline which is also operating in harsh gas conditions. In addition, the British Gas Hasdrubal subsea pipeline of 18-inch diameter with a grade 825 liner and a length of 10 kilometers is also currently under production.

Cladtek are also producers of a proprietary design CRA Mechanically expanded lined pipe used predominantly for natural gas flow lines in harsh (acid and sour gas) service. The applications are in most cases upstream of gas processing facilities either offshore or onshore where the use of chemical corrosion inhibition is either impossible or uneconomic.

"The order for B11 represents a second milestone order for Cladtek on Royal Shell operations and reinforces that company's confidence in the capability of Cladtek to deliver to Shell's exacting specifications and standards," said Cladtek Managing Director Paul Montague.