More Workers Join PENGASSAN Strike

Members of the oil union, NUPENG, have said they will join the strike launched by PENGASSAN. NUPENG is Nigeria's blue-collar oil workers union. Officials from the union have said that with their members joining the strike, the operatons of DPR will be completely crippled. There won't be loading at the terminals. Without workers at the terminals crude cannot go into the ships. NUPENG Secretary-General Joseph Akinlaja said only NUPENG workers in the DPR would be involved in the sympathy strike initially, although other members could join later if the government failed to address PENGASSAN's grievances over pay and greater autonomy.

Government and oil company officials have played down the potential impact of the strike saying that the strike has had no immediate effect on exports. The Government also said that NUPENG members were not that critical to the operations of terminals. The Department of Petroleum Resources said it had deployed management staff to export terminals to carry out the supervisory role of its PENGASAAN white-collar union members who launched the strike on Saturday.