Grenland Group Opens New Headquarters for Asia

Grenland Group Asia opened its new headquarters for its Asia operations, located in Pudong Jinqiao's Office Park complex.

Over 100 guests were in attendance with representatives from Grenland Group including Mr. Hallgeir Skogen, Mr. Jan Lokling, Ms. Gunn Marit Helgesen, Ms. Live Haukvik Aker, Mr. Oystein Rangnes, Mr. Runar Larsen, and Mr. Terje Uthus. Several prominent persons from China were also in attendance, such as the deputy director of Pudong new area government, Mr. Wan Da Ning; and Ms. Chen Hui Juan, Party secretary of Ruguo City, Jiangsu Province. We were also honored to have Consul General Fred H. Nomme to officially announce the opening.

Following the opening, Mr. Hallgeir Skogen, Owner and Vice Chairman of the Board of Grenland Group, also symbolically presented the company flag to Mr. David Wu, the President of the new Grenland Group Asia headquarters.

In addition to the opening ceremony, we also celebrated the landmark Strategic Cooperation Agreement with two powerhouse companies: Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (RSHI) and XAC Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. (XAIC).

The President of RSHI Mr. Chen Qiang, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of XAC Group, the Chairman of XAIC Mr. Meng Xiang Kai and the CEO of Grenland Group Mr. Terje Uthus ceremoniously signed the agreement to thunderous sounds of traditional Chinese drums and fireworks. The signing ceremony marked RSHI, XAIC, and GG Asia's commitment to work together closely to achieve competitive advantages in offshore oil and gas industry worldwide through a long term strategic cooperation.

Each party will treat and use the other parties as its preferred partners when it comes to any project in the fields of offshore oil and gas engineering. Through this tri-party cooperation, the ambition is to become a 1st class supplier to the global offshore oil and gas industry.