2007 APA Awards Include 52 Production Licenses

The awards for APA 2007 – Awards in Predefined Areas - have been decided by the Cabinet. The offers being sent out to the companies include a total of 52 production licenses. These areas are already open to petroleum activities and where conditions relating to environmental concerns and fishery interests are implemented.

The production licenses are divided between the North Sea (24) the Norwegian Sea (21) and the Barents Sea (7).

There has been a major interest for this licensing round, and the competition for several of the blocks has been intense. 113 application were submitted within the deadline 28 September last year.

There is a large potential in proving new, smaller resources close to existing infrastructure in the mature areas of the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. This explains the extensive interest for the APA rounds.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has layed down conditions for a rapid exploration and progress towards a possible Plan for development and operation for the potential resources to be found in the licenses, to ensure an effective exploration of oil and gas in the mature areas on the shelf. This is important to utilize the capacity of existing and planned production and transportation installations.