Oil & Gas Expert Launches Facebook/My Space for Energy Industry

A Houston oil and gas communications expert hopes to help solve the talent crisis in the energy industry with the beta launch today of www.energypeopleconnect.com, a social media website she believes is a first in the industry.

Brandy Brazell Obvintsev, 31, a former public relations and communications manager for several leading energy companies, said that "the industry needs to be reaching out to Generation Y in the same way members of Generation Y are communicating with one another."

The interactive website, said Obvintsev, is "fresh, friendly, easy and edgy – focused on the issues that drive daily life in the energy industry. Even if you've never had a MySpace or Facebook account you can quickly set up your profile on Energy People Connect," she said.

Unlike Facebook and MySpace website provides both real-time and on-line platforms so members can extend their personal networks. The site's online magazine covers issues relevant to the industry including topics like expatriate assimilation and personal finance in a cyclical industry. Real-time events are held, enabling members to meet face-to-face.

The new web forum will have an international reach and will be supported by advertisers, underwriters and event sponsors. There is no cost to join. "The only member requirement is to be affiliated with the energy industry," she said.

Obvintsev, who is married to an expatriate petroleum engineer from Russia, said she believes misconceptions abound about the oil and gas industry. "Much of our editorial content will provide readers with the information to set the record straight about where we work, how we work and why we choose to work in the energy industry. Social media is ideal for our global, highly educated and mobile workforce."