Hallin Launches In-House ROV

Hallin Marine announces it has designed, built, tested and successfully demonstrated its own Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV).

The C-ROV (pronounced Sea Rov), was designed and built by Hallin staff at the Company's Singapore manufacturing facility and fulfilled a brief to create a technically advanced, low cost 100HP, free-swimming, work class machine.

The C-ROV will operate in depths to 1,000mtr and can be fitted with a range of specialist sensors and tooling to carry out wellhead intervention, drill support and survey work.

It will complement Hallin's existing fleet of heavier duty, tethered, deeper operating construction and work class ROVs and the company's range of smaller, inspection class ROVs.

The Company has an immediate in-house operational requirement for all initial production units, in line with existing demand for its ROV services. In the future the Company may consider building C-ROVs for other subsea operators.

Hallin CEO John Giddens said, "The production of the C-ROV is a major and exciting step for Hallin that will benefit the whole company and is a natural progression from our other, successful manufacturing activities.

"The demonstration to potential and existing clients was very well received and the C-ROVs should prove to be excellent, commercially competitive and strategic additions to our ROV fleet."