Sefton Spuds Snow #3 Well in California

Sefton Resources, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary TEG Oil & Gas USA, has commenced the drilling of the Snow #3 development oil well. The well is the first in a series of the three to four wells in the Tapia 2008 Q1 drilling program. The Snow #3 well spudded on Sunday, February 3, 2008.

Each of these three to four wells are step-out wells designed to extend the productive limits of the Tapia Oil Field to both the east and west. The three Snow Lease wells are anticipated to encounter a thickened section of Yule oil sand reservoir. The Yule sand productive thickness is mapped at greater than 120 feet for each of the planned three Snow lease wells. Each well will take eight to ten days to drill and complete.

TEG will evaluate these wells over the coming months and use the data to plan the next round of drilling at Tapia.