SARS Andronics Achieves ISO Quality Management Certification

SARS Corp., a leading provider of remote asset management and telematics solutions, today announced that its subsidiary, SARS Andronics, has achieved ISO 9001-2000 certification. This certification from the International Organization for Standardization ("ISO") recognizes that Andronics has met quality management specifications intended to ensure safe and reliable equipment in its deployments throughout the international oil and gas industry.

"The ISO is recognized worldwide as the leading authority on quality management, with a rigorous certification program," said Clayton Shelver, CEO of SARS Corp. "This is an important stamp of approval that ensures customer confidence in Andronics and accelerates the sales cycle for new prospects."

ISO 9001-2000 was developed by the ISO in cooperation with the American Petroleum Institute to meet the needs of major petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas organizations, as well as government and regulatory agencies, as the basis for qualification of the quality management systems of equipment manufacturers and service suppliers. The specification establishes practices, technical requirements and terminologies for products, services and systems that, when adopted by a company, ensure customers of a universal level of quality.

Andronics previously met the first edition of the specification published in 2003; the updated edition was announced by the ISO in December 2007.

Andronics, acquired by SARS Corp. in December 2007, develops two-way data solutions for monitoring and managing remote assets, specifically vehicles and liquefied petroleum gas ("LPG") tanks. Based on the expected deployment of approximately 5,000 new LPG monitoring units, SARS anticipates that the acquisition will generate $4.5M – $5.5M USD in additional revenue through December 31, 2008. Andronics currently has 4,000 LPG units deployed with some of Europe's largest energy companies.

Andronics' UtilityEye LPG system monitors remote LPG tanks, both above and below ground, identifies fuel levels and sends utility notifications when a tank is filled and/or transmits alarms when fuel levels drop to a predetermined level. UtilityEye LPG is equipped with a battery power supply and information is communicated to the utility via Low-Earth Orbit ("LEO") satellites, making monitoring reliable in remote locations.

In addition to the UtilityEye LPG system, Andronics develops LEOCATE, a solution that uses General Packet Radio Service ("GPRS") technology to track and monitor the movement and location of vehicles. With LEOCATE, fleet managers receive automated email reports including data such as engine idle time, distance traveled, number of stops, hours worked and fleet utilization.