Caddo Looks to Move to Facilitate Planned Expansion

Mr. Mario Lanza, President of Caddo International, reported a proposed plan to move its location in order to keep up with the expansion of business and to keep more control of all the equipment the Company has acquired during the last two years.

Making this move will also allow Caddo to expand into the down hole pump business, whereas now the Company has to pass on probably $60,000-$70,000 of this business each month. With the new facilities which will include a state-of-the-art repair shop, Mr. Lanza stated, "Caddo will have sufficient room to perform this work itself." Caddo has already purchased all the equipment and hired all the personnel needed to make a strong entrance into this huge market, keeping in mind that Caddo is still in negotiation with other pump companies that has no mobile or moving equipment.

Mr. Lanza expects a great 2008 for Caddo's business, even if the country goes into a slight recession.