Western Geco To Perform Seismic Surveys on Taranaki Permit

Two companies were carrying out 3D seismic surveys during January-February to identify Mt Messenger formation targets. Western-Geco is undertaking the work for both of the operators, Indo-Pacific Energy (NZ) Ltd and Bridge Petroleum Ltd.

Indo-Pacific is undertaking the survey in its PEP 38741 and PEP 38748 permits east of the Ngatoro field near Inglewood. Indo-Pacific said it hoped to identify relatively shallow 1200-1800 m deep Mt Messenger sandstones such as those found at Ngatoro.

Bridge Petroleum Ltd, a newly-formed New Zealand company, is making its first major exploration investment by carrying out a 3D seismic survey over one of its three permits PEP 38752 near Stratford, Bridge director Kevin Johnston said.