Spyglass Acquires Montana Prospect

p>Spyglass reported the launching of a new project, Spyglass Warren, LLC, and the subsequent recent acquisition of a drilling prospect located in Montana.

The acquisition of Spyglass Warren, LLC's Montana prospect was made possible via financial backing from an institutional investor. The prospect has a reserve potential of over 25 million barrels of oil and is positioned adjacent to a field that has produced over 120 million barrels of oil from the same interval.

"The Montana prospect presents a highly unique opportunity for Spyglass to maximize its current and future revenue while expanding its overall business. Historic data and drilling results by other parties in the area lend notable and encouraging credence to the project's potential," March Kimmel, Co-Founder of Spyglass Warren, LLC, said. "As always, we remain dedicated in our efforts to strategically advance our corporate initiatives and are optimistic that Spyglass Warren, LLC will prove to be a valuable asset."