Indago: Drilling on Al Jariya-1 Hits Snag, Drill String Stuck

Indago Petroleum Ltd announces a drilling update for the Al Jariya-1 well, located on the Jebel Hafit prospect in Block 31, adjacent to the border with Abu Dhabi.

The Al Jariya-1 well, which commenced drilling on January 28, 2007 and is planned to drill to a total depth (TD) of 5,900 meters, has reached a depth of 5,131 meters. At this depth a strong flow of high temperature, high pressure salt water with high levels of carbon dioxide and some gas was encountered. During the process of controlling this flow the drill string became stuck. The operator, RAK Petroleum PCL (holder of an approximately 50% interest), coordinated strenuous efforts to stop the salt water flow, which proved successful. Operations are now focused on ensuring the pressure integrity of the well and freeing the drill string.

Geologically, it is unclear at this stage whether the salt water flow was obtained from the Natih Formation objective carbonates, a stringer within the lower Fiqa Formation or indeed from some other source such as a fault intersection in the wellbore.

"For the moment our primary concern is the pressure integrity of the well and the freeing of the drill string," David Bremner, CEO, said. "Once we have taken care of these issues and we have had an opportunity to assimilate all available information, we will be better placed to consider the impact of the high pressure salt water flow on the further prospectivity of the structure."

Indago holds an approximate 50% interest in Block 31. The operator, RAK Petroleum PCL, holds the balance of the interest.