SEACOR, Reflex Team Up to Create New Personnel Transportation

Global expert in marine personnel transfer Reflex Marine Ltd and SEACOR Marine, the largest transporter of personnel in the US Gulf of Mexico, have joined forces to create a revolutionary new marine personnel transfer solution.

SEACOR’s CHEETAH CrewZer high-speed Class DP2 catamaran will be the fastest crew supply vessel in the Gulf. Capable of carrying 150 passengers at speeds ranging from 36 and 42 knots, the 165ft vessel will offer a fast, safe and reliable mode of personnel transportation to and from installations.

Aligned with high speed and comfort is a state-of-the-art high capacity personnel transfer safety system specially developed for this vessel by Reflex Marine. The nine-passenger Frog capsule transfers personnel from the CrewZer to the rig in a protected and safe environment, while achieving a very high rate of crew transfers.

The CrewZer design focuses on the demands of today's operators and offshore workers. The seats are like business-class in an airplane – reclining, spacious, and comfortable, with wireless internet, satellite TV and cinema. A helicopter ride may be slightly faster, but the improvements in comfort and amenities are expected to be very well received and will allow workers to use their travel time more profitably.

SEACOR's objective for the CrewZer project was to find the safest method of moving passengers on and off offshore platforms without injury or incident. Following an extensive review of a wide range of transfer solutions, SEACOR selected Reflex Marine as its transfer partner. SEACOR felt the combination of innovative thinking, comprehensive support and the proven track of the Frog transfer system made Reflex Marine the best qualified company for the project.

SEACOR’s CrewZer will be unveiled at Galveston, Texas on February 12, 2008. Its development was born out of a desire to find improved ways of transporting personnel to installations further and further offshore. Although helicopters are fast, they are not necessarily the best way, from the perspective of cost, comfort or risk.

Once piloted in the Gulf of Mexico, SEACOR plans to market the CrewZer vessels internationally. Reflex Marine’s Frog transfer capsule has been used in millions of crew transfers around the world, and has been deployed in locations including West Africa, South East Asia, Alaska and the North Sea, under diverse weather conditions. Reflex Marine’s feels its role goes beyond the technicalities of the product; its objective is to provide comprehensive solutions to heighten safety awareness with the ultimate aim being the protection of industry personnel.

"SEACOR CHEETAH is an exciting, innovative design for us," Robert Clemons, vice president and general manager of SEACOR Marine's Americas Division, said, "and the Frog is one of the most important elements in our crew transfer system. Reflex Marine has been very supportive and creative in helping us develop this concept, and we are confident the combination of the vessel design and the Frog will deliver a safe and reliable personnel transfer system."

"Reflex Marine and SEACOR share a mutual passion for achieving safer and more efficient crew supply operations," Reflex Marine Managing Director Philip Strong said. "We both strongly believe that improvements can and should be made in this area. This project has been the first full scale collaboration between a vessel operator and a transfer specialist. We are convinced that the combination of increased safety, added speed and comfort, will provide operators with what they want, and will indeed expect, in the new era. We are looking forward to deploying the new system in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere."