BJ Completes Pipeline

BJ Process and Pipeline Services announced the successful completion of a pipeline pre-commissioning contract for Saipem UK Ltd - Russian Brach Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in Russia. BJ PPS supplied flooding/hydrostatic testing, dewatering, drying and inerting services on the Sakhalin II Phase 2 Development Project offshore Sakhalin Island.

The pipeline network is located in the Piltun Astokhskoye (PA) Oil Field and the Lunskoye Gas Field in the Sea of Okhotsk. These services were carried out on various pipelines, ranging from 4.5-inch NPS to 30-inch NPS (nominal pipe size).

The contract was carried out by BJ PPS personnel based in Singapore. Work was performed over a six-month period as the result of a contract awarded by Saipem to BJ PPS in May.

Over time, BJ PPS has provided similar pre-commissioning services for Saipem in Asia Pacific, most recently on the PTT Phase 3 Project in Thailand and Tangguh Project in Irian Jaya. The most recent operation represents the first time BJ PPS provided services for Saipem on the Sakhalin Development.