Tischuk Launches Ground-Breaking Pay-Per-Use Software Tool

World leader in risk-based inspection Tischuk International announces the launch of a ground-breaking new web-based application which is set to revolutionise risk assessment in the oil and gas industry with considerable savings for clients.

The Aberdeen-based company has developed a web-based pay-per-use version of its highly successful T-REx risk-based inspection software. The online version, which can be accessed from the company's website www.tischuk.com, can be used globally and could save clients up to £100,000 in up front licensing costs. Clients and service providers only pay when using the tool. This pay per use method is believed to be a first for the oil and gas industry.

Tischuk International technical director John Tischuk said: "Previously we would deliver a software CD to clients who would then install it. For technical support, they would have to send their database back to us or we would provide an on-site visit. Now, our consultants can review client data online and provide a much faster support response."

"There is no doubt that in the past the up front cost of licensing has been a barrier for some companies. With pay per use, we have eliminated that barrier. We have also enhanced T-REx's capabilities making it a more flexible and user friendly model but with a stronger analytical process."

T-REx is a modular program with specific failure models for different asset types. The T-REx Pipelines is the first to be launched online. The atmospheric storage tank module will be added to the web site in about 3 weeks and other modules for pressure vessels, process piping, structures and oil and gas wells will follow over the next 3 months.

Tischuk International has spent about 18 months and approximately UK250,000 on developing the web-based tool and upgrading its new look website which is relaunched Feb. 1.

The web-based version of T-REx was tested extensively by Tischuk International partner companies throughout the world before today's launch, and the results were hugely positive.

"The feedback we have had has been excellent," said Mr Tischuk. "The web-based version of T-REx should make life easier and more cost effective for companies in the risk-based inspection business."

Maintenance and support for clients will be provided by Tischuk's team of developers and technicians in Aberdeen and their international consultant team.