Wescorp's Gas Management NAVIGATOR Solution Adopted for Use

Wescorp Energy Inc. reported that a natural gas production company based in Canada has adopted Wescorp's NAVIGATOR Gas Management Solution. Wescorp's wholly-owned Flowstar Technologies Gas Metering System is being used in conjunction with the NAVIGATOR package to provide a complete end-to-end gas management solution. The customer uses this solution to enhance its processes, acutely measure gas flow, optimize field performance and, in doing so, to reduce operating costs while saving valuable time and resources. The customer purchased the solution and has fully implemented it following a short implementation period.

"Our proprietary operations & maintenance (O&M) Gas Management Solution is a field engineering and process management program that bridges the energy industry's manpower shortage while serving its need for enhanced processes and accurate information for field operations," commented Dr. Scott Shemwell, Wescorp's Chief Operating Officer. "Our solution is made possible by Wescorp's NAVIGATOR, a tailored technological solution that allows customers to reduce operating costs while enhancing field operations. NAVIGATOR enables the customer to organize, manage, consolidate and interpret vital data inputs, thus providing corrective solutions and preventing what otherwise would be inefficiencies within their operations. When using our Solution, the gas producer is better able to concentrate on their core business--drilling, producing and transporting natural gas."

"Our engineering team met with the client and identified specific field challenges and complexities they face," continued Dr. Shemwell. "Then we tailored the solution to meet their specific requirements based on best field practices and our years of field operations expertise. Immediately upon start-up, there was a significant reduction in operational costs and inefficiencies for the customer."

Wescorp's Navigator-based solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. There have been test installations of various portions of the system completed in both Canada and the USA since the launch of the Solution in the fourth quarter 2007.