Roc Oil Drills Comes up Dry on Twin Lions-1 Well

Roc Oil reports that the ENSCO 53 jackup has been released from the Twin Lions-1 exploration well location in the northern part of the offshore Perth Basin. The well was plugged and abandoned as a dry hole after drilling to a Total Depth of 1,570 meters below Rotary Table and running a full suite of wireline logs.

Twin Lions-1 was the second well of a multi-well program being conducted on a back-to-back basis in TP/15 and the adjacent WA-286-P. The program consists of a minimum of three wells: Cliff Head-3, Twin Lions-1 and Mentelle-1. The full extent of the program will be determined by the results of the first three wells.

Partners in the TP/15 Joint Venture are Roc Oil as operator with 20%; Hardman Oil with 30%; AWE Oil with 25%; Westranch Holdings with 10%; Arc Energy with 5%; Voyager Energy with 5% and Bounty Oil with the remaining 5%.