CapRock Inks Communications Deal with Rowan

CapRock Communications, a global provider of satellite communications to remote environments, today announced a multi-year agreement with Rowan Companies, Inc. to deliver broadband satellite communications to its fleet of onshore and offshore rigs. Rowan, a premier provider of international and domestic contract drilling, will leverage CapRock's turnkey communication services to increase the efficiency and performance of its drilling operations.

CapRock will deliver a virtual office solution to Rowan's fleet of 28 land rigs located in the Gulf Coast region and 10 offshore rigs located in the Gulf of Mexico; one of which remains off the coast of Trinidad. With CapRock's VSAT communication services, Rowan personnel can take advantage of broadband Internet, voice over IP and connectivity to the corporate network. CapRock's services will also enable Rowan to extend its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the remote sites as well as its maintenance program.

"Having a monitored and managed communication service at our rig sites enables our crews to maintain the logistical support necessary to keep drilling operations running smoothly," continued Russell. "By extending applications such as our maintenance program, we are able to work remotely with our suppliers to order replacement parts or make direct orders ourselves should the need arise. This helps to increase the delivery speed of ordered materials, reducing wait time."

In addition to CapRock's communication services increasing the efficiency and performance of Rowan's drilling activities, they also support crew morale. Crew members can maintain their day-to-day routines of connecting with family and friends, checking e-mail and staying current on industry and headline news.

Prior to this agreement, CapRock provided similar communication services to only a portion of Rowan's onshore and offshore fleets. After experiencing the tangible benefits of having the services at a handful of sites, Rowan decided to deploy CapRock's solutions to its entire Gulf Coast area fleets.

"CapRock is committed to providing uncompromising communications to its customers that operate in dynamic and challenging environments," said CapRock President, Global Energy Markets, Doug Tutt. "We're very pleased that Rowan has seen the direct benefits of CapRock's solutions and trusts us as it furthers its leadership position in the marketplace."